Second Van OB2 Launched at Earls Court "Broadcast Video Expo"

OB2 Refurbishment Completed..........

Our Second Van has seen 2 refurbishments this year. The latest introducing the installation of a 24 Input 2 M/E Vision Mixer capable of mastering in either 4:3 and 16:9, even combining both formats seamlessly in the same production. (New pictures to follow) We like to regularly upgrade as time and costs allow, this is what enables us to remain, if not one step ahead, but at the Frontline of Medium size OB Broadcasting.

Here at Frontline we can supply full crewing from a pool of very experienced professionals, or alternatively, with a minimum guarantee staff. Take your pick from Unit Managers, Cameramen, Sound & Vision Engineers & Riggers. Either Dry or Wet hire, the reputation for the quality of the personnel we employ precedes us.

Custom Built for Inserts, Remotes, or Standalone OB's

This 7.2m 8 Camera capable van, built to our specification, combines a Serial Digital Heart with a complementing PAL parallel system to allow integration into any requirement, past or present. The Production area houses 24 Monitors in to allow comprehensive monitoring, from Preview to Off Air and in the VT-Vision area, 16 Monitors plus 2 RAX positions with Grade 1 Lineup Monitors ensure quality control throughout.

With extensive sound facilities and multitrack recording we believe our extremely flexible new van is more densely packed with features than most others, and its versatility provides comprehensive broadcast facilities for Live Sports, Music, Studio Links, Awards Cermonies, Corporate, Conferencing and Current Affairs to name but a few.

Virtual studio is possible with our 8 Camera Chromakey facility, allowing any studio situation to be simulated for a fraction the cost of renting dedicated studio facilites. Add to this the telephone hybrid for phone-ins, The mobile phone TXT message to screen, The TXT voting facilty and The Live Streaming to the Web, as well as via feed to satellite uplink, and all bases are covered.

As if that wasnt enough, add to it this host of high end features. Up to 2 EVS and up to 4VTR (up to 8 under certain circumstances), our 2 Polecams and with Insciber CG as part of the standard package, and the result is indeed a formidable array of features packed into a very compact vehicle, capable of operating very discretely, behind the scenes in the smallest of venue locations.

Full Specification is provided on our OB2 Specification page. Click Here

Frontline will always listen very clearly to Clients requirements and provide solutions tailored both to specification and to match budgets and timescales.

We have a saying here at Frontline, "The Tail Doesn't Wag the Dog."

We believe the Clients wishes are paramount.

It works for us.