OB Truck - HD2 Specification

Specs for 12/16 Camera HD - OB Truck (SMPTE Fibre Channel)

Production Area (Director/Producer Position)

Full 2 M/E 20 Input Vision Mixer

4 Upstream Keys

2 Downstream Keys

Stinger Transitions 

2 Media Players

30 Monitor Preview Capability - All Assignable (36 if accounting for 2 x Quad Split)

Tallied Camera Monitoring

Failsafe Vision Switching Capability

Failsafe Backup Additional Multiviewer Monitoring

2 Telex 12 way Talkback Panels 

2 Genelec Audio Program/FX monitoring Speakers

Production Audio Monitoring Dim & Cut Panel

Secondary Master router Control Panel

Timecode Display Monitoring

Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting

22" Monitor for Graphics Machine

22" monitor for quality control, vectorscope/wavefom/embedded audio data analyser and error logging for audio & video levels & Luma, etc

EVS Position

8 Input (XT3) Single EVS Position (Expandable)

EVS VGA Graphics Monitor

10 Monitor Preview Capability - All Assignable

Independent Audio Monitoring Speakers (4 Channels)

Independent Audio Monitoring Headphone Amplifer

4 way Telex Talkback Panel

Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting

VT Position 

2 VT Capability (Fully Expandable)

4 Digital Record/Playback Units (Expandable)

Additional Assignable DVD Recording

Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting

Graphics Station

Optional HD Broadcast Graphics Station

Engineering Area

40 x 40 Matrix Router

Additional Computer Based Memory Function with "save show" capability

Full Video Routing

Secondary Master router Control Panel

Routing Preview Monitor

Routing Preview Monitor Dedicated Control Panel 

Full patching capability

Fully Connected LAN Routing Gigabit with external Ethernet Port

Additional Quad Split Field Monitoring

SPG with Timecode and Test Black & Bars

HD/SD Up/Down/Cross Converters Converters (Expandable)

HD/SD Frame Synchronisers (Expandable)

4 Outgoing HD/SD/Composite Chains (Each Chain 6 HD, 6 SD, 2 Composite externally + Internal Routing from each)

3 x 4 Way Telex Talkback Panel

Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting

Racking Positions

12 HD Full Broadcast Spec. Rackable Camera Chains

4 Additional Fibre Based "POV" Rackable Camera Channels

3 independent RAX Lineup positions

3 Sony OLED Monitoring

12 Preview Monitors with Tally

12 OCP/RCP Racking Positions for Camera Control

3 Waveform Monitors

3 Vectorscope Monitors

3 Assignable Matrix Panels

3 Telex 4 Way Talkback Panels

Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting


Yamaha 02R96

40 Input Analogue Sound Mixer

20 output Channel Capability 

32 x 32 Quartz Matrix Router

4 x 4 Channel PPM Monitoring

Bantam Patching Jackfields

Fostex Main Audio Monitoring

Fostex PFL Audio Monitoring

Selectable Input and Cut & Dim Facility

Computer Interconnection with Monitor Preview of all patches/controls with "save show" capability

2 x Raycom Duplex Radio Talkback Base Stations with Motorola GP Radios

Klark Technik 4 Channel Audio Compressor/Limiter

12 Way Telex Talkback Panel

Telex Zeus 24 x 24 Talkback System having Computer Interconnection with "save show" capability

Additional 2 Channel 2 Wire Talkback Circuits (Expandable)

Independent 12 way Talkback Level Mixer

6 Audio Embedders (Expandable)

6 Audio De-Embedders (Expandable)

Privacy Blackout Curtain

Internal & External 4 Wire Communications

3 Outgoing Audio Chains

Each Chain:...........

4 Stereo Tailboard,

3 Stereo Jackfield,

+ Internal Routing from each chain

+ Fully Featured Fully Connected Tailboard Inputs & Outputs XLT and Mil26 Multi




Runs from a Single Phase 63A Socket. (Typically draws 32A at full output)

Mercedes Vario 816D - Euro 4 Emissions,  7.2m Long, 7.5t  Panel Van

Fully Air Conditioned with 4 Units

63A Inlet with isolating Transformer, 2 x 16A Outlets, all power circuits RCD protected.

DC System with Emergency lighting

CTP Illumination and 3 External Rigging lights

Manual Stabilising Jacks

Automatic Side Awning

Fully Insulated and Carpeted Throughout.