Outside Broadcast - OB Unit HD2

Custom Built for Inserts, Remotes or as a Standalone OB. This 7.2m 12 & 16 Camera capable Outside Broadcast van is built to our rigorous specification. The Heart of the unit is Serial Digital SDI. The Production gallery area houses a Fully Assignable, 30 Monitor Viewer Stack to allow comprehensive monitoring, from Preview to Off Air and in the VT-Vision area, 12 Monitors plus 3 RAX positions. Sony OLED Lineup Monitors in Engineering ensure quality control throughout.


With extensive sound facilities and multitrack recording we believe our extremely flexible new van is more densely packed with features than most others, and its versatility provides comprehensive broadcast facilities for Live Sports, Music, Studio Links, Awards Ceremonies, Corporate, Conferencing and Current Affairs to name but a few.


Live feed to satellite uplink & Live Streaming to the Web, and all bases are covered.


8 Channel EVS Replays and Tapeless Digital Recording Capability and additionally 2VTR (up to 8 under certain circumstances). The result is indeed a formidable array of features packed into a very compact vehicle, capable of operating very discretely, behind the scenes in the smallest of venue locations. 


Hover your mouse over the plan to get images of the inside layout of the OB unit.

Outside Broadcast by Frontline Broadcast Outside Broadcast by Frontline Broadcast OB  by Frontline Broadcast
OB by Frontline Broadcast